Brad is a very experienced builder. He will be able to get your job done on budget, on time, and with superior quality when compared to most other builders. To work with Toryan Homes is to work with complete peace of mind.

  • Grace & Allan I.

"Brad's hands on experience and knowledge of every facet of construction gave us ease and comfort through each stage of the project."

  • Ron & Michelle G.

"Toryans’ Trades are professional, courteous and great representatives of the company."

  • Kathleen C.

"We found that Brad's thorough building knowledge, advice, experience and personalized service instilled in us confidence and peace of mind."

  • Cathy & Greg M.

"Our 'home' is absolutely fantastic!!"

  • Heather & Dan T.

"Brad is diligent, reliable, accommodating and has a terrific eye for detail."

  • Kent M.