Quality & Control is what differentiates Builders

Our no nonsense approach – to deal with clients openly, honestly and ethically through a combination of teamwork, expertise, and commitment; resulting in exquisite value and client satisfaction.  Choosing a “Do it Yourself” approach rather than hiring an experienced professional to project manage your build may initially seem more cost effective, however this will end up costing you money and it will be disastrous.  Knowing reliable, skilled tradesmen who exhibit outstanding craftsmanship is the key to getting a project right.  Toryan Homes has assembled a team of the most qualified and dedicated trades in the business.  Brad Muxlow, a dedicated Builder and Principle of Toryan Homes, has made his career building custom homes. High quality workmanship leads to a higher property value and a better built home.

Brad has been a student of the industry from the ground up; beginning as a tradesman and then ultimately to a Project Manager.  Years of valuable experience and instruction regarding all aspects of development and construction and several years of directing successful “prominent”  home builders in the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the GTA,  Brad decided to take on a larger role and became a leader in the industry by starting Toryan Homes.  Dedicated to the success of this business, you will always find Brad on site, and willing to do what is necessary to get the job done properly, that is what Toryan Homes is known for. Synominous with excellence!

“Superior standards predicate exclusivity... in quality, value and lifestyle.”

To truly be an exclusive Builder, you must maintain quality and control and this cannot be achieved without constant supervision and monitoring.
A leader in technology, Brad is always up to date with the most current building techniques and innovative building materials. He prides himself on overseeing the construction of the most technologically advanced homes on the market.

Contact us to see why Toryan Homes is ………An Exclusive Home Builder.